At Leased We Know

I had to ride the Grom to work today in order to complete the set. I was almost out of gas though, so I stopped at Casey’s on the way in. When I got to work, we had a relatively relaxed meeting before splitting off. We didn’t have many projects, but they thought we might have some stuff to set up or move upstairs. The room was still empty though, so it was back to my office.

I helped some others as they came through, and hung the Christmas lights that Ben left me on his way out. Kyle came back to my office around lunch time, and as we often do, we suggested Ridgewood Brothers. Everyone agreed on account of the weather, though we still brought the food back to the shop to eat. The garlic beef sausage that Gary let me have was super garlicy.

After we ate, I helped Zach scan through some old Chromebooks to try and find some we had lost. We were pretty spot on with what we expected from the summer, but evidently Dell was just going to charge us into perpetuity instead of sending a final bill for the cost of buying out any devices we didn’t return.

The last part of the afternoon was pretty slow, but we walked out a couple minutes early. I went to Casey’s for some free SweeTARTS, then went home until Autumn called me for a ride. We stopped by Oakland to get Eaddie, then went to their house for the evening.

Eaddie went with her grandmother for the night, and Autumn wanted to stay home instead of go to my house, so the girls went down for an early bedtime while I stayed up and pondered homeownership.

Very poor value.

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