Summer and Autumn had a Quiz Bowl tournament at the high school today. I couldn’t get back to sleep after they left, so I just got up and picked at some leftovers for breakfast. Then I tinkered around some more with the Steam Link, which worked really well. Some of the controller support still felt pretty unintuitive, but overall it was a really good experience. I played Don’t Starve on it for quite a while.

Eventually I had to get out and get things done, so I headed home to spend some time there for the first time in what felt like forever. Bác Vân had called last night with TV remote trouble, so I went next door and re-paired the remotes to her cable boxes. After a little while, I started going through laundry and washed a whole bunch of shirts.

I pretty much spent the rest of my down time on YouTube all night, watching videos on music theory, science, and anything else the algorithm thought I would be interested in watching.

Split the load.

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