Gary had me work on building something out for HR this morning, but we were both missing pieces. Evidently there was an email I needed that never got forwarded to me. An email in to Powerschool got me on the right track after lunch.

I met Brandie at La Huerta for lunch to catch up, since we hadn’t done so in over a year. I tried to get the inside scoop on a possible job that Brody had mentioned, but she knew nothing.

The afternoon was pretty quiet, though I did get three work orders out of the blue from Oakland. Two of them were simple restarts, and the third was the teacher asking for software that was already installed. They’re really phoning it in this close to the holiday.

After work, I made Greg show me his crow call, which was startlingly accurate. If I hadn’t watch him make the sound, I would have sworn it was a real crow.

I went home to eat and get some things ready, and then headed up to Summer’s for the evening. The girls were both busy with homework, so I just started a new map in Don’t Starve until everyone went off to bed. Summer’s surgery is super early in the morning, so it’s going to be another short night of sleep.

Say pal, you don’t look so good. You better find something to eat before night comes!

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