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It was freezy this morning, and my ice scraper was insufficient to remove all of the ice from my windshield. I’ll need to get the chip filled sooner than later so it doesn’t crack the whole windshield.

I ran way behind this morning, but still somehow managed to squeeze in the door on time. I got settled with all the new goodies I brought from home, poured myself some coffee that stayed hot all day long thanks to the Ember mug Summer got me, and then spent all day tucked away in my office.

Evidently it flooded during all of the rain last week, and though most of the stuff in my office was safe, I did have one casualty. The esports poster that Jessica and Ronda made of my newspaper article got wet, because the lamination was trimmed too close to the poster board, which wicked water up into the middle of the poster. Hopefully it will dry out without looking gross.

I had to update a bunch more Chromebooks for Oakland, but never delivered them. Zach, Gary, and Thomas came back to fetch me for La Chiquita for lunch, where Greg met us. Then the afternoon was relatively quiet until quitting time. I left and went by the shop to find Summer in the pit. She was stuck there, so I went home for a bit until she got off.

The girls already ate, so I went by Wind Taste to get some lo mein for Summer, then went to their house for the evening. I developed a bit of a headache and spent most of the evening with some earbuds in. Summer went to bed early, and I finished up on the computer. As I was getting ready to go to bed, Eaddie came out and chatted with me for about an hour and a half before I ran her off to shower and go to sleep.

Two is better than one when less is more.

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