Peak Waste

I just barely crawled out of bed this morning after waking up really stiff. I even considered calling in for at least a partial day, but instead I made it in about five minutes late. Several were still out, so it was quiet again downstairs. I went to Oakland for a couple hours before lunch and took care of some stuff there, but otherwise the day was a wash.

I’ve almost eaten enough tacos to make up for my subscription pass. After lunch, Josh came downstairs and built out the Kerberos settings to try and help Kyle, so all the reading I did yesterday was basically for nothing. Kyle was still a real no-getter, and I’m not sure that’ll ever get any better. Maybe he’s just feeling the burnout.

After work, I just went home and waited to hear from Summer about Eaddie. Evidently Autumn burned another COVID test to try and prove she could go back to school. Fortunately they still had one left for Eaddie to take before she came over for the night.

I was still concerned about false negatives and the possibility of a late exposure simply not showing up on the test yet, so I stayed in the bedroom the rest of the night. Summer brought Eaddie over, along with some burgers from Freddy’s. Eaddie was upset that she didn’t buy any custard, and I was inclined to agree. The burger was better than I expected, but it’s still not the reason you go.

With everyone winding down pretty early due to staying separated, I got out a projector to tinker with in the bedroom. It worked as a proof of concept, but really just made me dream about turning the whole bedroom into a theater again. Maybe someday.

Level up.

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