Taco Threesday

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, and ended up going off routine. I made it to work a couple minutes early to little fanfare, and tried to find some work to do. Brody came around for some help, which kept me busy for a large part of my day again. I did go by Oakland for a little bit, but even that was a pretty quick in-and-out.

I almost didn’t go to lunch, but the guys chose Taco John’s and I couldn’t pass up a meal under $3. I felt pretty satisfied after that, too. The afternoon was uneventful, and I ended up killing some some until my Google user research call. That was kind of interesting, but not really as fun as I thought it could have been. I would have hoped for more insider information, but there was nothing really groundbreaking.

As I left, Eaddie called and asked me to pick her up. I had to go by Oakland for a few things anyway, so it worked out. Evidently the autism room had a kid rip the SMART board off of the wall, so we’ll have to figure something out for that tomorrow.

We didn’t spend much time at my house. I vacuum sealed some of the shredded cheese, and then we left for Summer’s. I picked up another taco along the way, and then ate it along with some more leftover double decker tacos once we got to the house. Autumn was out late at some wrestling event, and then it was a quiet evening until an early bedtime.

Increasingly elaborate tortilla sandwiches…

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