I had trouble getting to sleep again last night, but then woke from heavy dreams. Work started to look interesting once I got there, because I immediately started receiving phone calls through Tammy from others in the district that I don’t typically interface with. I felt pretty helpful though. I actually had the last couple days to myself since Brody’s been out.

Zach, Thomas, and I tried going to CJ’s for lunch, but the parking lot was beyond full. We ended going back to Wendy’s for my burger of choice, but I had trouble getting their app to load. I finally got my food as they were finishing theirs, but the service was so fast that we ended up just sitting for most of the hour anyway.

I ended up at Oakland for the better part of the afternoon, partly to finish up the TV install we did yesterday, but then killing the last bit of time until the end of the day. Eaddie had me take her and Zane to Zaxby’s right after work, so they could hang out with Autumn and the Quiz Bowl gang. I stopped by Superfast to see Summer for a bit, and then went home to change.

I had some stuff to run to my parents’ house, so I went over there to visit for a while. Dad and I set up a new set of cordless phones while we caught up. By the time I left there, it was getting pretty late but I wanted to get my taco, so I ran through the drive-through to get it and then ended up going on to Summer’s for the evening.

The girls were still at their event. Summer was in bed. I ate, and then got to bed as quickly as I could. I was cold and tired, and ready for sleep.

Anything to keep the blood pressure down.

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