Pick Up the Upside Down

I didn’t sleep in a whole lot today considering how late I was out. I eased into it though, and finished up some leftovers for lunch. As I got motivated, I started to pick up a bit around the house. I filed some more paperwork, threw out some other stuff, and tested some laptops to decide whether I wanted to get rid of them. Eventually I had cleaned up enough to do some laundry, and played on my phone intermittently while that was going.

As I finished up a second load, I decided to head up to Summer’s for the evening. I stopped for a taco and burrito, and arrived to find Eaddie and Noah playing Switch on the couch. Summer was in bed, and evidently Autumn was home without her car because she threw up on her Quiz Bowl trip today, and Summer didn’t want her driving for some reason.

It was an early night to sleep, with nothing else going on. I was tired anyway.


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