Don’t Forg* So Easily

I slept in for a while today, to the point that by the time I got up and around, the girls wanted to go out to eat. Summer thought Noah and Eaddie wanted to go to New China, but Noah had gone to work. Evidently the rest of them still wanted to go, so that was our plan for the whole day.

As I was getting ready to run home to get clothes, Autumn decided to pitch a fit and say she didn’t want to go if I was going, and that she didn’t like the way I talked to her mother. As someone who frequently has to listen to her scream at her mother, it was difficult for me not to burst into hysterical laughter, but I managed.

I went home and decided to shower before changing, and then made my way back up to their house. As I pulled up, they were all getting into Summer’s car. I didn’t vocalize it, but in hindsight I would have been very angry if they weren’t there when I got back. Summer said Autumn calmed down and apologized, but her apologies mean less than nothing to me. It’s all just more manipulation to get whatever she wants at any given moment. The reason she doesn’t like me is because I can see through her bullshit and I’m not afraid to call her out on it.

As though nothing had ever happened, the three of them climbed into my car and we went to New China. I really didn’t want to take Autumn with us, but I wasn’t going to stir that pot again. We went, ate, and then went straight back home where we sat around for most of the afternoon. Summer had Autumn come out and try and talk to me about her issues, but we didn’t resolve anything. She tried blaming us for her issues as usual, and then just spaced out any time we responded to anything she had to say.

As the evening drew near, Summer went to the gym. Without asking, and instead fussing at me because I was inconveniencing her, Autumn nagged at me to take her to the high school so she could get her car. She wanted to go to her grandparents’ house for some reason, and tried working around doing her chores or homework. Summer called her out on it when she got into my car without the homework.

I dropped her off and continued home to start some laundry and clean out some more old laptops. I spent the rest of the night getting pretty heated in my head.

I’m cleanin’ out my closet.

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