Cap Conference

I didn’t sleep the best last night, but I made it work. I took some sweet rice and a banana for breakfast, but then blended cultures with a cup of Earl Grey with milk. I felt pretty useful when I helped Gary sort a PaperCut issue, and then continued to take Brody’s calls the rest of the day. Thomas came into my office and asked some questions about the last lease pickup that we did, but I felt less good about that conversation. Things lightened up in the afternoon though.

Zach took Gary, Thomas, and me to CJ’s for lunch after not getting to eat there the last time he tried. The food was fine, but the service was slow and I wasn’t really all that hungry. I could have easily skipped, but as soon as I decided that would be what determined when I went out to lunch, the guys started remembering to invite me every single day.

I went by Oakland in the middle of the afternoon, fully forgetting that school would be out an hour early. Fortunately it wasn’t too much of an ordeal getting around, and I eventually made my way back to the shop to end the day. I put Gary’s dual monitor stand together, and discussed the proposed change to the policies regarding job descriptions and how they would be changed in the future.

As soon as I left for work, I had to run home and change so I could meet Summer at the high school for parent-teacher conferences. I didn’t realize that she would have both of the girls there with her, otherwise I would have warned her against it. We needed the opportunity to be frank with their teachers without pressuring any of them to mince their words. Autumn became upset as we spoke to her science teacher, and ended up storming away from the conversation, which I think ultimately benefited us in the long run. Next time we’ll know better than to let her tag along.

I got dragged away a couple of times – once when Charlie wanted to talk about all the people he knew, and again when Ethan wanted to chat CPPC. That got me thinking some more, and I think I’ll have some good things to say during our meeting next week. I caught up with the last conference for Autumn, and then the girls went home so Summer and I could go to the junior high by ourselves.

Eaddie’s conferences went much faster, but she didn’t get out unscathed. Missing work is missing work, and though having the grades helps, there’s no reason to be missing the types of things that she’s missing. Once I took Summer back to her car and we each made it home, we had a video call to chat with the girls about our conversations and expectations. They vocalized an idea to set aside time at home to do homework together, which I think was a great idea, if they could commit to actually doing it every night.

I spent the rest of the evening tinkering with the new bedroom setup. I’m relatively certain the HDMI output on my parents’ old home theater receiver is just outright dead, but I should be able to use it as a dumb analog audio amplifier. I’ll make do.

Sounds good.

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