On Charting

Summer made a quick breakfast for us this morning, and then the girls spent the day working on school work and laundry. I wanted to go to a matinee to see Uncharted, but Summer was the only one that was really interested, which was perfect. She went to the gym, and then after showers we went across town for the movie.

I expected the theater to be pretty busy, and there were a lot of cars there, but our theater was mostly empty. Of course we had some people directly behind us with some loud candy wrappers, but they weren’t too obnoxious. The movie was entertaining enough, but wasn’t quite as charming as I had hoped. I’d never played any of the games before, but I assumed it would have Indiana Jones vibes.

After the movie, we ran by my house briefly to drop off sodas and pick up Summer’s replacement phone. Then it was back up to her place for the evening. When we got hungry, I pulled one of her gift steaks out and threw it on the grill. It turned out way more tender and juicy than I expected, which was a treat. It was a super quick meal with some instant mashed potatoes.

Everyone wound down pretty quickly, so I did a bit of shopping online. Then it was off to bed to prepare for a full week back at work after all the snow days.

This is my mag charger for my mag phone.

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