Coughee and Donuts

I just barely made it in to work this morning, and though I thought I’d feel better pretty quickly, that really was not the case. Fortunately nobody was up to much. Thomas wouldn’t be there Friday, so he brought donuts today and everyone chatted in the shop for a while before splitting up. Kyle’s birthday would happen over spring break, so Tammy made brownies for him today.

Zach, Gary, Josh, and I went to Wendy’s for a quick lunch, and the food was actually pretty mediocre. It wasn’t bad, but I’ve had so much better from there. Summer came by to see me after her expo was over, on her way to Cabot. Most everyone in the shop started a weight loss competition today that I didn’t opt into because it was never clear whether there was a buy-in, but mostly because I was not committed to a time limit for what will have to be a lifetime of change.

Dad said they wanted to grill burgers after work, so I went straight over there and got things started for dinner. We ate, then discussed the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its many, confusing timelines. When I made it home, I doped up on some NyQuil and waited for it to knock me out again.

Birds sing when the drugs hit.

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