What a Gas

I got a slow start this morning and laid in bed to watch an episode of The IT Crowd. It hasn’t been very good so far, so I’m hoping it gets better, while also not feeling guilty for watching it by myself because I don’t think any of the girls would enjoy it.

The replacement gas cylinder for my Aeron chair came in, so I started to take my chair apart before realizing I was missing parts to the cylinder removal tool. Bác Vân didn’t have a pipe wrench, so I went to my parents’ house to borrow Dad’s. It’s a good thing I took the chair over there, because it took quite a bit of force from the both of us to get the thing loose. In the end we were successful, and I made my way home to reassemble it with the new cylinder.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning up a bit in preparation for the new refrigerator to be delivered. I did some laundry and shuffled some things around a bit. I’m still nervous about getting the thing into the house once, so I think I’m really glad that I decided to have it delivered here rather than to Summer’s, only to bring it back here in the future. It’s going to be a chore getting my old one out and up to her house, but I bought some moving straps that should make it a bit easier.

Summer got word back that our condo time would be cut in half from what she was planning, which was a real bummer. I was skeptical just because we hadn’t received any solid plans yet, and I was doubly nervous leaving town before knowing a real plan. In the end, I figured it would be best to have the girls take the bus to Little Rock for the 5K Run for the Fallen. That would give me an extra day at home to prep for the appliance deliver. In addition to that, my head cold is still making mornings pretty rough, so I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to try and make last minute accommodations. There will still be plenty of time to do things.

Like sitting on solid air.

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