The Monster Under the Refrigerator

I woke up a bit early today and sulked in the quiet. The girls would be going to Little Rock with the high school’s JROTC kids for the Run for the Fallen, instead of with me on the way to Hot Springs. I truthfully needed the time to clean up, but it was still aggravating to be working on the assumption that we had plans for the whole week.

I cleaned up around the refrigerator and moved it away from the wall so I could clean behind and under it. It was super nasty, but I didn’t even know what from at that point. It hadn’t really been moved in 18 years. I just vacuumed up what I could, then sprayed a lot of cleaner repeatedly until everything came up. At the end of it all, the linoleum under the fridge looked better than the rest of the kitchen just because it hadn’t faded and worn down.

The girls wanted to go to CiCi’s when they got home, but after my shower I decided against joining them. I just continued cleaning and finished up more leftovers when I got hungry. There’s almost room for some more food in the fridge again.


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