I slept in a little bit today, but not for terribly long. I got a couple packages in early, which was quite a surprise. I spent quite a bit of time researching places to stay in both Eureka Springs and Hot Springs, then booked stays since our condo plans fell through for the week.

The girls were going to come over for the evening, but then it started thunderstorming. Summer said it would just be her, though it didn’t rain for very long. We braved it long enough to get some food from Zaxby’s, then came back home for a dull night. I gave her a “wearable blanket” as an early birthday present while she did stuff for work in front of the TV.

I doped up early on some NyQuil and moonshine since that worked well last night. Hopefully it won’t be much longer with this head cold.

Sleepy chicken?

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