Panel Envy

I started at Oakland first thing this morning so I could set their printers back up after kindergarten registration night. Paul had already moved them, so my job was easy. While I was there, my first new kindergarten hallway projector went out. It won’t be long before the rest go out, and I’m not excited about hanging the oversized touch panels in their place.

I continued on to the shop to work until lunch time. We met Dale for Taco Tuesday about half an hour early, which didn’t make a huge difference in our day. It was good catching up again, and we even saw Brice come in just as we were about to leave.

Josh volunteered to help me hang the touch panel in the afternoon, so Greg helped me load the truck up before he showed up. We had a little less trouble overall than I expected, even though the install didn’t go quite as I had planned. We ended up having to go back to the shop for some parts because the old wiring had to be pulled out. Fortunately Josh was able to use the old lines to pull the new ones, and we hung the obnoxiously heavy, oversized touch panel while the kids were out of the room.

When I got back, Gary called and asked for some help at Central Office, so I walked across the street with some parts, and then ended up having to climb up into the ceiling to do some work that he couldn’t accomplish with his broken arm. Fortunately that went alright, and the rest of the day was cake.

I went by Superfast after work to see Summer and fill up on coolant. Then we came back to my house to chat for a bit about her promotion at work. She’ll be traveling more, but I still think she needs to make a bigger play for bigger pay. After she left, I finished moving stuff out of the old refrigerator, and tomorrow I’ll be able to clean it up properly for the move to her house.

And then Sam sung.

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