PD, so TV

We started this morning with a long meeting since the kids were out and nobody had anything pressing to tend to. Thomas decided he would buy lunch so we could order takeout and eat back at the shop, and someone else suggested Taco Villa. I called the order in a little early, and it all worked out perfectly.

Sometime in the afternoon, I went to Crawford to meet up with Kyle, who was trying to fix a classroom microphone issue. It ended up being a physically broken microphone, so we’d have to wait for one to be ordered. The rest of the afternoon went by very quietly until Thomas sent us home about half an hour early.

I went home, but didn’t have a whole lot of extra motivation there either. Eventually Summer made it home and summoned me up the hill. She was already in bed. Autumn was at work, and Eaddie laid on the couch watching TV all night. I wasn’t particularly tired, but being there made me bored and restless, so I went to bed.

Better not mess with my movie-going experience, or they’ll catch more than hands.

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