I got up early after very little sleep so I could get breakfast with Summer before she had to go to work. It was super rainy all morning, so I went back up to the room to take a long bath since I didn’t want to go back to sleep. When I loaded up for checkout, they said the elevator had quit working, so I had to take the stairs. I was just glad I didn’t have to go back up three floors since I got everything in one trip.

I went to Splash and loaded up a bucket of cleaner, then took Summer to the Greenbrier lube to drop it off. It was a tiny one-man shop that was down the road from the carwash. We weren’t there long before heading back to Conway to do some shopping for that store.

I decided to take us to the Dave Ward store since I had already spent so long in the other one the night before. Summer picked up what she needed, and I found some salsa on clearance. I tried really hard to convince her that she could find a better chair at an office supply store, but she insisted on getting the crappy, overpriced one from Walmart.

We were both hungry by the time we finished shopping, so we went across town to Chipotle. It was delicious, but I had forgotten how expensive it is. It was just over $30 for both of us, and she didn’t even get a drink. I think next time I’ll ask if they can make me an open-faced burrito, because her bowl appeared to have much more in it, but I love the tortilla.

Back at Splash, I assembled the new chair and tightened bolts on their old ones, which made a huge difference. I stuck around too long and got really tired, but I made it home without incident. Traffic seemed a bit slow, but at least it wasn’t raining heavily by that time. Eaddie called me just as I left Conway and asked if I would pick her up, but she ended up going to her grandmother’s instead.

As soon as I got home, I started a load of laundry. Then I faced the monumental task of cleaning out the refrigerator so they could pick it up the next day. I pulled a bunch of drinks out of the mini fridge and kept as much here as I could, then loaded up my entire trunk with stuff to take to Summer’s house. I went to get Eaddie, but when I got there, she said she was helping with dinner and that Summer was going to get her. Summer didn’t even realize she was there, which lead to compounded aggravation for me. I was already frustrated and hangry last night. Then I had to unload the trunk and move all of that food into Summer’s refrigerator all by myself after letting it thaw out for a drive across town.

I got everything packed into the fridge and waited for Summer to get home super late from Conway. Then I went home and cleaned up all the stuff I had strewn across the kitchen floor. I really wanted to keep some ice, but there’s no real point. Hopefully the new refrigerator won’t take long to arrive, and also won’t fail and leave me needing to contact the dreaded LG warranty support.

What a waste.

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