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Thomas was out this morning, so Gary lead the team meeting with an intro for everyone to our new ticket system. The highlight of the morning was Brody calling out that Gary likely had more important tickets to work on than building out an unnecessary new system. Zach split everyone up for projects, but the big one for the day was cleaning up all the old carts we got from Bentonville so the group we hired can come wire up all the new chargers.

I went upstairs with Gary to troubleshoot a printer issue in the computer lab, but he had to bail early for a meeting. I came out of nowhere with an unexpected fix involving the shared account they were using in the lab, and made my way downstairs to help with the carts.

Brody suggested Mulan’s for lunch after much debate, so he took took Zach, Gary, and Josh. I rode the Shadow to work, so I rode separately through some pretty stupid traffic. I took a different approach to my plating, with most of my rice being in the sushi. I still ate a lot, but I wasn’t completely miserable by the time we left.

I spent most of the afternoon working in my office until everyone came back to the shop to rest from their own work. I was the last one out, and decided to swing by Oakland to see if Eaddie needed a ride. She and Zane were walking to her father’s restaurant to eat, so I got gas and headed home until she needed a ride.

Summer was headed home from Conway about the time Eaddie and I started watching an episode of Stranger Things. Then they left to get ready for a 5k that Summer registered the girls for. Eaddie was worried about homework and stayed home, but Autumn ran. I ended up meeting Summer at the finish line, and we were proud to see her finish strong.

I came home to try and rest up for a super long day tomorrow, but had trouble getting to bed. Hopefully I don’t drag tomorrow night, because I already feel like a bad boyfriend for not wanting to go.

Friends take work. You’re not going to spontaneously summon a crowd.

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