Peace and Boring

Summer got up and made French toast and bacon for breakfast. Autumn tried to get out of mowing, as we suspected, due to the dew. As bad parents, we made her mow anyway, and she finished the yard for the day. After a little while, Summer had to drop her off at the high school so she could participate in the graduation ceremony. I went home to clean up and started washing some socks.

While I waited, I found a deal at Lowe’s for a Nest Learning Thermostat just like my old one for $199, which was $50 less than the other colors. I was able to stack a $60 instant rebate from Entergy and a $150 Lowe’s gift card that I bought for $135 worth of Discover cash back, and was only out of pocket $1.51. I ordered it for pickup so I could install it later in the evening.

When Summer finished at the gym, showered, and made it to my house, we loaded up and headed to Conway. She had to work for a few hours in the evening, and I thought I’d just hang out again. I got bored quickly and went to Walmart for a little while. I picked up a few snacks and a package of colored Sharpies that was on clearance. When I got back to Splash, I just sat around for most of the evening. I did get my car washed and detailed, but then I had to help try to jump a customer with a dead battery. That was when we noticed coolant pouring out of the bottom of my radiator.

Summer finished up late, and we tried to go to Marketplace for a quick dinner before heading home. They had a 30 minute wait, so we foolishly tried driving further into town to try Texas Roadhouse. They had people lined up out the door, so I hangrily drove back up the road and ended up taking us to Golden Corral. They’ve always got a table open, and there’s no waiting for anything to be cooked.

After eating way too much, we headed back home, got gas, and then made it to Lowe’s just before they closed to pick up my replacement Nest thermostat. When we got to my house, I was able to install it pretty quickly, and my air conditioner started pumping some nice, cold air. Exhausted from being uncomfortably warm all day, I was ready for bed.

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