Stormin’ Mad

I was up every hour like clockwork last night, and struggled to force myself awake early this morning so I wouldn’t ruin my night of sleep before work. It wasn’t until I got out of bed and basically chugged an energy drink that I felt human enough to walk upright. Summer went to the gym while I did some laundry, and we planned to meet at my parents’ house to uncover the pool. Then a big thunderstorm whipped through town, and it rained most of the afternoon, so I stayed home and continued doing laundry instead.

My parents popped in for just a second after the rain had settled a bit, since they were there to pick some mint. Summer asked me to drop Eaddie off at the movie theater so she could watch Dr. Strange with her friends, and that was my first look at how bad the storm was. Several branches had broken all down Main Street, and there was debris everywhere. We saw one stoplight that was tilted about 45ยบ, and another that was just blinking red. Eaddie has been making an effort to vocalize her appreciation, and it’s made every single interaction with her a thousand times better. She just comes off as much more polite.

When I got back to their house, Summer had made some stir-fry out of a leftover steak, with some fresh vegetables and a fresh pot of rice. Summer had to make Autumn eat a little bit of it, which was a huge shock to everyone because she’s always sooooooo focused on clean eating and home cooking. Otherwise, she spent the majority of the evening with a tiny baby bunny that the cats dragged in a couple days ago. Summer and I did play a short game of Mario Party with her, and things have been relatively nice at home. It’s still anybody’s guess what’s really going on inside of her head, but she’s a perfectly pleasant human in a vacuum.

Eventually I had to pick Eaddie and Zane up from the movie, dropped him off at his house, and then headed back to spend the evening with the girls. Summer made strawberry shortcakes, and we watched an episode of Middleditch and Schwartz that had everyone rolling. Summer pulled a corned beef out of the freezer for dinner the next day, but I had to clean the slow cooker again because it was filthy. Then I hid my own sponge in the house so nobody would use it to clean food off of the dishes and then leave it rotting in the sink. They’re absolutely filthy animals, every one.

What happens if the contract… is… DIGITAL?

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