If It Fits, It Ships

I got to kind of take the lead again today with the lease return, and we ended up getting the whole thing out the door much earlier than anyone else expected. I like to think I had a big part in driving that, especially near the end. It took us three trips to The UPS Store today, but I even managed to assemble a packing slip with a 1:1 match for serial number replacements.

Ryan was in town to visit, and Thomas, Gary, Greg, and I went to Brangus for lunch with him. I filled up on peanuts and then only ate half of my potato, so I took the rest home for dinner. The afternoon was pretty quiet, though my office got pretty popular for a little while.

I also got my contract for next year, but it was wrong again. They had me on the Tech 1 pay scale, so I sent it back for review. I wrapped up for the day and headed home for the evening. I didn’t feel super, and was pretty tired after the day at work. I poked around the house and cleaned up a little bit, and then it was off to bed on time.

Trip down Memory Road

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