I had a pulmonary function test this morning at Millard Henry, so I made it home early to get ready. A huge storm blew through pretty quickly, and I could hear hail pinging the rooftop. It had died down to a light rain by the time I had to drive across town. I was in and out of the clinic relatively quickly. I didn’t have the greatest confidence in the nurse that helped me, due to the way she kept making excuses for the apparatus. I did three puffs, and then another three after a couple shots of albuterol, and she said the results looked normal.

I stopped by to kill some time with Dad before having to go to work, but forgot he was heading out with his friend Dave to an old classmate’s celebration of life event. I started to go home, but then decided to go up to Summer’s to pick up my medication that I forgot to take with me in the morning.

When I got there, Eaddie was painting while Autumn slept on the couch. The power had gone out a few hours earlier, so I thought I might take them to my house for the day. They thought they might ride bikes, but I told them it was going to rain the entire day. After a little while, the power came back on, so I left them there to go to work.

I met up with the guys at Arby’s because I wanted to try their wagyu burger. It was pretty good, but I don’t think I’d ever actually go to Arby’s to order it again. I like too much of their regular menu to be bothered by ordering something they’re not known for. I still prefer a hot, fresh, Wendy’s burger to just about any other in town.

When I got to the shop, Gary had me image a couple laptops, and then walk across to Transportation to install Adobe on a couple computers. The laptops were done by the time I made it back, so I delivered them to Oakland before coming back to the shop for a group showing of how we were expected to take inventory the rest of the week. When we finished there, Gary wanted to take everyone to a building to show us live, so we went to the Oakland library where several things weren’t actually in the inventory system.

We filtered out a little early, and I headed home for the evening and started some laundry. A couple kids that had been by a few days ago showed back up and rang my doorbell again. I assumed they wanted to mow my lawn, but instead they asked about my Pontiac. The oldest one didn’t look like he was even close to driving age, but he said he would get his permit next year and wanted to buy it. I couldn’t help but laugh, and told him it would be a very poor choice for a first car for a multitude of reasons.

I poked around the rest of the evening, and tried not to go to bed too late. One of the things I poked around with was the succulent in the bathroom window. I cut it pretty low to the base with the hope that it would branch out, and then pulled a couple leaves off to see if they would sprout. It was just getting too tall and boring with its singular trunk.

What the hell do June showers bring?

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