7 to 11

It wasn’t miserably hot today, so I took the Shadow to work. I got to work on my own projects again, which mainly consisted of testing imaging in the morning, along with applying OS updates. It made for a really quiet day by myself.

Gary and Greg came back and said they were going to Johnny’s for lunch, so I opted out. Rather than spend money on something I dislike, I cleaned some junk that people had forgotten in the fridge, and chewed on ice all afternoon. I don’t know what’s been driving that craving, but I just can’t seem to get enough.

The afternoon was more of the same, and I eventually turned into a flash drive manufacturer. Aside from that, Thomas turned on a scrap netbook that I brought back to the shop that had Windows 7 on it, and I pulled out an old desktop that would run Windows 11 since my laptop frustrated me the entire day.

After work, I went home to change before going to dinner at my parents’ house. I thought the girls were coming over to eat and swim as well, but they didn’t. I rode the bike over, ate, sat around for a little while, and then rode up to see the girls for a little bit before returning home for the evening.

I remember microwave popcorn being better than that.

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