That’s a WAP

I didn’t really know what to expect today, since things have hit a real lull. Gary had me fix some printers upstairs after he made some changes to the IP ranges for the building. Greg went up to work on the intercoms, and then met me halfway through to find the printers. Afterward, I took Kyle and Jacob across the street to inspect the lines at Transportation. They wanted to add a computer and an additional wireless access point to help with what they thought were signal issues. I wasn’t convinced, but Gary didn’t want to crank the signal up on their existing WAP either.

Greg came to help us actually pull the lines before lunch. Then I took Greg and Josh to meet Brody at Mulan’s to eat. We had forgotten they started closing on Wednesdays, so we headed to New China instead. I sent Eaddie a picture, and she sassed me on the phone for going without her.

After lunch, I finished up the Transportation lines, which took a while. It was hot and itchy up in the insulation, and several of the tiles had water damage. I finished up, and then Gary had me bring their high-end laptop back to troubleshoot why they couldn’t get it to work with an external monitor.

As soon as I plugged the laptop up to the TV, it fired right up without any trouble. Greg was shocked after having spent quite a bit of time with it over the past six months, but then had me try again on a VGA monitor, and then through a docking station. Finally we walked it back across the street, and it worked there in Christopher’s office as well. I gloated a bit, and then we went back to the shop to ride out the day.

After work, I went home to cool off for a while, then got gas and headed up to Summer’s for the evening. Autumn had tried to pry at Summer some more on the way home, but was told to expect and respect me since I’m not going anywhere. She actually greeted me once I arrived, which was an improvement over yesterday. She and Eaddie were watching TV, so I chatted with Summer for a while until she settled in bed. I cleaned up some guacamole before wrapping up my own nightly chores, and then it was off to bed.

That’s a wrap!

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