Tacoboutit Tuesday

I hardly got any sleep last night, so I really appreciated being left to my own devices again today. I made a bunch more flash drives for the imaging parties that are about to start, and that really got me most of the way through lunch.

We went to our usual Taco John’s, where I had a cheap meal, and then after we regrouped, I was sent on a side quest for some bubble wrap to help protect unboxed TVs that we needed to relocate. After a little research, I found that U-Haul actually had boxes for shipping TVs of various sizes, so I went and picked up four of those. They packed super small, which was neat. Then Greg and I went to the high school to retrieve four TVs out of Brody’s office.

It was nearly time to go by the time we got back to the shop. I parked my truck in the bus yard, and then helped Jacob park his in the pen since it was his first time. Everyone met in the shop to go over projects for the rest of the week since every day we’ll be missing one of the three head honchos.

I went home to cool down after sweating over those TVs. Then I went up to Summer’s for the evening. She had a work meeting to properly turn Superfast over to Justin, and then picked Autumn up from karate. Eaddie was just enjoying some alone time at home, so I warmed up some leftovers to eat while we waited for everyone else.

Autumn basically ignored me all night. I talked with Eaddie alone for a bit just to try and get her honest feelings without worrying how they might affect her mother. Then Summer and I chatted some more before bed, but I tried not to stay up too late. These extra-early mornings and long days are awful.

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