Night at the Belongia

I took the Shadow to work again today, but then spent the morning riding around in the work truck with Brody. We sent everybody except Gary to hang the new 75″ touch panels at the high school. We were able to fit five on each truck, along with the toolbox and mounts. The first one went okay, but it quickly devolved into multiple people sitting around. I tried to lead a group of the half that were sitting to prep the other rooms, and then circle back to hook everything up once the panels were hung. That worked for a little bit, but we just have so many guys that can’t work without direct supervision.

We made it back to the shop just before lunch, and then went to Linh’s for some of the best food we’ve had from there in a while. Our server seemed nervous, or at the very least, inexperienced. We got our food, and then never saw her again. At least she had an automatic gratuity for our party size.

After lunch, I had to stick around the shop in case some desktop computers showed up. Fortunately they just coincidentally showed up shortly after everyone else had left. I got the forklift and unloaded the pallet in record time, and then Gary and I took them all downstairs. The rest of the day was spent trying to get the network image working for them.

After work, I went home to change and then went up to Summer’s to get ready for Eaddie’s band camp concert. She was already home and trying to find a nice outfit to wear for the concert, but we could tell she was tired and cranky. She would never say it, but I think she was happy to see me.

We made it to Witherspoon just before the first (last) band started, and somehow Summer was able to find three unoccupied seats. Autumn immediately disappeared, refusing to sit with us. Summer’s mom showed up, followed by my dad, right before the second band started, but we had room after people left from the first set. Eaddie really wanted me to record the second band, so I just recorded the entire set, as well as her last (first) band.

We took our time getting out to avoid the traffic, but then took Summer’s mom home before getting the girls home. Everyone was pretty tired after a late night, so it was showers for the girls, and then everyone was off to bed.

We’re almost there.

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