No Cats, No Play

I took the Shadow to work today since Summer needed to take her car. Fortunately I spent all day inside, so I never had to deal with any heat until quitting time. Zach was back, but most of the team was out on vacation. Kyle and I spent most of the day together imaging desktops for the cafeterias while Zach, Gary, and Greg ran around doing other things. They came back to get me for Taco Tuesday, but we all rode with Zach for that.

Kyle left to do other stuff in the afternoon, which left me in the back by myself for the rest of the day. Gary came back for a little while, and we worked loosely on a few different things. Then some guys came to clean out our air handlers near the end of the day. They finished up around the same time we did, and I went to my parents’ house for dinner.

Summer was out with sciatica and didn’t want to leave the house, so I just ate kabobs with my parents and then rode back home until Autumn could come pick me up. We stopped by Zaxby’s so she could get some dinner, and then it was a pretty quiet evening. I watered the plants, Summer went to bed, Autumn watched YouTube, and Eaddie hung out in her room all night.

Just before I went to bed, Eaddie came out to tell Autumn about some ex-boyfriend drama. I butted into the conversation just enough to confirm that it was normal teenage drama and that she wasn’t getting pulled into anything too toxic, and then it was off to bed.

Some grow, while others swell.

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