As soon as I climbed into bed last night, I got a notification from Nest that my air conditioner may not be working correctly. It severely underestimated how bad things were, because the unit had actually been running for about 28 hours straight, and was not at all cooling the house. In fact, I presume it pushed a bunch of heat down from the attic to reach a balmy 92 degrees inside.

I ran home to check things out, and at least nothing was on fire. Everything appeared to run as expected outside, so I’m not sure what the problem was. I couldn’t get it going again though, which meant a hot weekend before someone could get out to service it. I turned everything off, opened the back door, and went back to Summer’s to go to sleep in the cool.

I tried not to sleep in too late, and got around to bathe while Summer got up to do some work from home. The girls were all three pretty cranky any time they were around each other, so Summer ended up taking Eaddie and her friend to the gym while Autumn and I were sent to shop for a couple things.

We stopped by my house first, so I could try a couple more things to troubleshoot my air conditioner. The condensation line wasn’t clogged, and the breakers were all in good order, so we left it just as I had left it last night and continued to Walmart. We only needed a couple things, so shopping didn’t take long. I took us to Sonic for a couple slushes afterward, and tried their special Shark Week flavor in honor of how the day had been with the girls so far.

Summer cooked a ham and some potatoes, rice, and veggies for dinner. By then, everyone had mostly cooled down to eat. Then Autumn wanted to play a game, so Summer and I played a full game of Phase 10 with her before bed.

I’m not making it weird. The weirdness is making it weird.

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