Cleared for Nothing

Eaddie had a couple days worth of fun planned with friends, so Summer dropped her off for church and a day on a boat, followed by a night with her friend. Then she went on to the gym while I slept in. Eventually she made it home, and she, Autumn, and I decided to go hang out at Walmart for a little while. Jaylinn had told Summer that a bunch of stuff was on clearance, so we thought we might find a deal.

Nothing really caught our eye, but Summer did finally get her kitchen zester. About halfway through our shopping trip, Autumn developed a scowl that nobody really understood. Eventually she came out and said she didn’t like me showing public displays of affection to Summer, but really all I had done was hold her hand or walk with my arm around her. Autumn was just acting lonely and petty, and wanted to lash out. She even tried getting me in trouble for some new scratches on the side of Summer’s car, even though it was pretty obviously done by someone else pushing up against it from the outside.

Autumn wanted us to take her back home instead of to my parents’ house to swim, but I thought we might do her one better and take her to her grandparents’ house for a while. We first drove around the block a few times to look at some houses for sale, and then dropped her off to help with some housework. Then Summer and I went to my parents’ house for some swimming and spring rolls.

Julie eventually showed up as well, and helped with a bit of the prep work before we ate. I tried slicing some meat, but had trouble getting it very thin since the very outside of the block of meat had thawed out to be very soft while the inside was still frozen. The rolls were good though, and Julie appreciated an accidental, early, birthday dinner of one of her favorite foods.

Summer and I eventually headed home, stopping at Walgreens to pick up an order along the way. Then it was back up to her house for the evening, where we tried to finish up our written document for Autumn’s FINS petition. She baked a boxed cake mix we got from Walgreens, then did some stuff for work. We fought a couple separate ant infestations, Autumn was dropped off super late, and then it was off to bed.

Ungrateful swine.

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