Armed Brother

Thomas and Zach were out today, so Gary was calling the shots. I was initially directed to the Support Services building to investigate a bunch of equipment moves, but was quickly pulled off of that to start a help ticket with Jamf. I thought they might actually be quick to respond, but I never heard anything back all day.

I went to Oakland for a little while to troubleshoot my weird lunch room computer issues, but didn’t get very far. I consistently had issues with both computers there. I made it back to the shop for lunch, but Gary and Tammy were the only ones there, and he had to stick around for Ritter to show up. He did end up picking up some food, but then had to meet the guy that showed up while he was out. I wound up just skipping lunch entirely, and picked at various things I found around the office.

I didn’t really get a whole lot accomplished the rest of the afternoon. I sat with Tammy for a little while as she got emotional. Gary eventually showed back up after she went to pick up some food for herself, but it was still quiet downstairs all afternoon.

Summer took Autumn to therapy, and then brought back some food from Big Poppa’s after dropping her off at karate. I went to Kroger to pick up some freezer bags, and then met the other two at home to eat. Summer wanted to go to the gym, so I dropped Eaddie off at tennis for an hour while I set spider traps all around the house. I look forward to being horrified by how many bugs I catch.

Summer got Autumn and I got Eaddie after their activities, and we headed back up to the house for the evening. Tonight was my turn to get a long call from sister, and we chatted about Randall’s upcoming wedding next year, then therapy, then vacations, then frustrations. I hope an unbiased third party will help now that I’ve had some experience communicating thoughts and feelings.

Naked force has resolved more conflicts throughout history than any other factor.

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