In contrast to yesterday, I had much more trouble waking up this morning. I made it in to work, and the day went by fine, but I felt like I had to wake from really great sleep to get there. I ended up sticking around the shop all day again while others were out doing less desirable things. I didn’t have a whole lot to accomplish, but I kept getting pulled in other directions.

When lunch time came around, I convinced Zach to take Gary and me to McDonald’s where I went for something new in the way of their Quarter PounderĀ® with Cheese Deluxe. I was a little disappointed with the looks of it, but the taste was super unexpected. Even the tomato slices were fresh and delicious. It tasted so fresh and tasty that I could have easily eaten another one.

The afternoon was pretty quiet because everyone vanished. Thomas came through and asked me to keep an eye on the shop as he left again. I answered one unnecessary phone call, but otherwise it was super chill until I left.

The girls didn’t have anything going on, so I just went home and tinkered for a bit. Then I went to Julie’s to have her re-press the vinyl that had started to lift on one of the Disney shirts she made for me. We chatted for a little while, and then I went home to do some laundry until bedtime.

Absolutely ruining my chill.

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