Nothin to Taco’bout

I slept super hard last night and woke up last, but not too late. Summer had to go to work for a bit and then went to the gym, so I went home for a while. I cleaned up, but didn’t get around to a whole lot.

Summer decided she wanted to try something new for dinner and needed me to pick up an extra tomato on the way back up to her place. While I was at Walmart, I picked up an ice cream cake for Eaddie since that’s all she wanted for her birthday and nobody ever delivered. The taco casserole was great, and I made mine into a big salad that didn’t feel heavy.

After we ate, Summer wanted to watch a movie and we settled on Red Notice. Eaddie got up and left pretty early into it, but Autumn watched it with us. I was underwhelmed by it, possibly because of how much I usually like Ryan Reynolds and The Rock movies. It just felt really slow in comparison to their others. The twist was good, but not completely unexpected.

Summer went to bed watching TV, so it was a really early night to bed for everyone.

I love lamp, but not as much as they love lamp.

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