Dizzy Devil’s Yucky!

I spent today in my office, and picked at a few different things all day, as people would bring them to me. Relatively early in the morning, I spun myself into an anxiety attack somehow, and was a bit jittery for the rest of the morning. Zach, Brody, Thomas, and I went to Zaxby’s for lunch, and I tried their little Nibblerz. I thought they were alright, but the rolls were quite a bit bigger than the chicken fingers, which made them overall very bready. We didn’t stick around long, and as soon as we finished eating, we headed back.

The afternoon was a little quieter, and quitting time couldn’t come around soon enough. I hadn’t been home for very long before Summer called, and then I checked on Eaddie to see if she needed a ride home from Autumn’s karate event. I really wanted to go to Walmart to exchange the faulty water hose nozzle I bought yesterday, as well as PetSmart to see if they had any shrimp, but she just wanted to go home to do homework.

Autumn made it home shortly after we did, so I felt dumb for wasting the effort to get Eaddie home earlier. At least I got to help her for a bit with some algebra homework. Summer eventually showed up, and I got a lucky super slow-motion video of a hummingbird. I made a leftover chicken sandwich for Summer and ate some other leftovers myself. Autumn went to bed really early, followed by Summer. Eaddie was up late doing homework. I fought with app updates on my S21 Ultra for a while, and eventually made it to bed.


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