I switched it up this morning with the Grom, and rolled right into Oakland without issue. It sure seems like they’ve got the start time down pat. I didn’t have a whole lot to address there, but what I did work on was a little slow to finish. I made it back to the shop, where things were relatively quiet again. Gary seemed to be in a foul mood, so when lunch time came around, it was just Zach and me headed to Taco John’s. We ran into Wesley as he was finishing up his meal. They forgot mine completely, so Zach was done eating his by the time I walked back to the counter and had them make mine.

The afternoon was busy with more systems stuff, but I felt good figuring out three Clever issues. I was probably alone in my feeling like I had some time to breathe, but I just kept rocking out in my room until quitting time. Gary called me upstairs to help align a projector that neither he nor Zach could figure out. Then I finished up at Oakland by swapping out a docking station with one that Jacob brought me.

I rode home and waited for Summer to finish up at the gym, and then met her at Western Sizzlin for dinner. They were pretty quiet, and it seemed like the bar was nearing closing time. I left overstuffed, but Summer wanted to run to Walmart on the way home. We wandered around there for a little bit, and then I headed on up to the house while she stopped at Dollar General to try and locate a nail repair kit that she couldn’t find at Walmart.

The girls got home shortly after we did, and then their father called to break the news to them that his mother had passed. Autumn seemed to be a bit of a rollercoaster the rest of the night, half wanting to start bawling, and half unaffected. She, as always, just seems to have trouble both expressing and controlling emotions. Eaddie was quiet, but I checked on her before bed, and she seemed to be doing alright.

It was just as well that the Incubus concert was postponed. Things would be different if we didn’t live two hours away and have to make it back for school the next morning. I still couldn’t decide on our next show, because I only kind of enjoy some of the songs that any of the artists play, but it would be neat to see any of them in concert. I guess that’s what I get for listening to so many different kinds of music.

…but what KIND of punch was it?

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