Treading Water

Gary gave a bunch of his tickets to Greg and me this morning, so I spent all day working on those. First up was a bunch of stuff in the Transportation office, but afterward I did everything from my office. It was quiet, and would have been boring if not for all the questions I kept getting from the rest of the crew. It was nice to be needed, but it was also hard to get anything done.

Zach, Gary, and I went to CJ’s for a quick lunch, and then it was back to the shop. Jason came by for a GoGuardian demo, so I went up front just to say hello before hiding in the back again. It’s kind of that time of year when it just feels like we’re treading water.

I went home for just a little bit after work and played some Into the Breach until Summer called on her way home. She wanted to meet up at Linh’s, but I remembered that it was Wednesday and that they were closed. I met at her house instead, and just cleaned up a bunch of leftovers while she made an egg. The girls didn’t come out much, so I laid on the couch with Summer for a while, playing my game until it was time for bed.

Only a little delayed.

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