We Do Not Speak of Tres

I didn’t sleep great last night, but I wasn’t nearly as cranky as the girl in front of me on the way to work. She flicked a cigarette butt out her window and slowed down to practically a stop before crossing the railroad tracks, and I guess she thought I was riding her tail, because she flipped me off. Then she flipped me off again and started screaming out her window at me when we were next to each other at the stoplight. She was amped up on something.

The workday started with running over to the new early childhood offices to hook up phones. Gary said he hooked phones up for them, but they told me yesterday that they didn’t have any. I should have just saved myself the trip and taken the phones over there to begin with, because apparently Gary was remembering the other end of the building. I had to run back a second time because not all of the lines were terminated, and Greg had to help me find one that wasn’t even hooked up at the switch. It was pretty frustrating at first, partly because of how hot and humid it was.

I never did catch anything in my critter traps either. I had the largest one set up in the front hallway with a couple sheets of paper with “Affirmation” and “Kindness” written on them. I honestly thought it would get more laughs, even if I couldn’t capture any kids’ hearts. I was just proud to put what I had learned in sensitivity training to work.

We went to Taco John’s, and I had a relatively light lunch. Then it was back to the grind in the afternoon. I went to Oakland to clean up a bunch more tickets, and I’ve still got more to go. I’m not happy about playing musical touch panels, but I’ll have to swap a couple 65-inch displays for 75, and then re-mount the 65s in a couple new rooms.

After work, I went straight to my parents’ house to drop off the largest trap, since I was pretty sure whatever we had wouldn’t trigger it. I ended up sticking around for some leftovers that they were trying to clean up. Then, almost on a whim, we discussed some of our future plans and my wanting to invest in my future. Summer’s car has been reliable, but finding a low tire yesterday really triggered me, on top of not wanting to drive it past the need for new tires in the first place. It’s just time to go, and we all agreed that it was time for something n3w.

I went home for the evening and finished up some really brief paperwork. Summer and I chatted for a little while, and then it was off to bed as early as I could.

haha yes

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