Down With OPWO

Thomas got us two dozen glazed donuts today instead of one being chocolate covered, which meant that we actually ate them all by the end of the day. We did a little training in the morning to teach everyone about the flow of data from our information systems, and it feels like about the fourth time I’ve been through that conversation.

We were all split up to work Kyle’s work orders again, and this time that included me. I was sent to Dwight, which wasn’t that bad, but again seemed like a bunch of really little stuff that he could have closed out if he’d just go to the actual room to see the teacher instead of waiting on responses in the work order system. I tried to be useful without stressing too much over how few of my own bigger projects I was completing.

I made it back in time for lunch, but it was only Zach, Brody, and myself since Gary was out. They wanted to go to Chick-fil-A, and I was game for a salad. I was surprised how run down the inside of the restaurant looked, especially considering how long they were closed due to COVID. They put a bunch of work into the drive-through, but the inside seemed very pieced-together. I also felt like my salad had shrunk, and if they had a self-service fountain, a lemonade would have made me much happier. Instead, I grabbed a peach milkshake on the way out.

I didn’t even get back out in the afternoon, because I had enough things to do from my office. I still feel like I spend about 60% of my day fighting the work order system, which is astoundingly frustrating. I wrapped up the day as the last one in the office, trying to get some help through chat for one of our systems. They kept trying to refer me to James, who hasn’t been in that role in over a year. I finally just left.

When I got home, I unwound with some Into the Breach until Summer got back to town and finished a workout. She wanted Stoby’s, so I met her there for dinner before heading up to her place. The girls had a football game, so they didn’t get home until really late. I was exhausted from the day and week, so I didn’t stay up long.

Did we just create a new timeline…?

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