Moneys Are Just Where You Laid Them

We didn’t sleep too late today. Summer got up and made eggs for herself and Eaddie, while I finished up some leftovers. Autumn had a fundraiser car wash for most of the day, and then wanted to spend some time with friends for the rest of the evening. Eaddie wanted to go play tennis, so I went home and showered while everyone was gone.

Later in the afternoon, Eaddie wanted to go to her new boyfriend’s house and then stay the night with her father. I met them back at the house after Summer finished at the gym, and then we headed north of Lamar to drop her off. Summer and I stopped by my parents’ house on the way back into town to wish my dad a happy birthday. Then we continued to Walmart for some casual shopping around and then groceries.

When we got back to the house, I grilled us a couple burgers and some corn while Summer fried some potatoes. Then after we finished eating, she started making some desserts for Dad’s birthday dinner tomorrow. She got pretty frustrated trying to melt chocolate for dipping strawberries, but in the end everything looked really good. Eventually Autumn showed back up, and then Summer went to bed. I stayed up way too late just tinkering online, but at least I cleaned out a bunch of emails.

Why stop now? They’re printing more all the time!

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