Birthday Bucket

I went home for a little while this morning while the girls went to see a gospel quartet with Dad at church. After a while, Summer asked me to get Eaddie from her father’s house in Clarksville since she had to finish up the desserts while Autumn mowed her parents’ lawn. It was a really pretty drive out in the country, and I enjoyed how quiet it was out there.

I got gas on the way back since it was significantly cheaper in Clarksville. Then we picked up Summer and the desserts to head to my parents’ house for Dad’s birthday dinner. Eaddie had been eaten up by chiggers, so I had her take a dip in the pool until Julie showed up with a bucket of KFC. As soon as Autumn showed up, we came in to eat.

We didn’t stick around very long because the girls had homework. We had Eaddie drive me home in the Matrix since she needed the practice before her next attempt at the driving test on Tuesday. She was super nervous at times, but she did great once she shook out her nerves. From then on, it was a really quiet night. I don’t know how many hours I played Into the Breach today, but it was probably a shameful amount.

At least I have chicken.

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