Driving Results

I had so much trouble sleeping last night because my mind just kept racing about anything that floated by. I dragged myself into work, but had trouble getting started on anything. Summer took Eaddie in for her second attempt at her driving test first thing this morning, and fortunately she passed. They relaxed a bit with some breakfast before coming to trade cars with me and taking Eaddie back to school.

The whole day seemed to go by pretty slowly. I had a light lunch for Taco Tuesday, and then I spent some time upstairs in the afternoon. At the end of the day, I went to the junior high to help Jacob hang a television, and then unloaded some tools back at the shop before making it home.

Summer had her big VIP night at the new Maumelle wash. The girls had band until super late. I just hung out at home by myself all evening. I left for some McDonald’s fries and a Zaxby’s sandwich, and both were pretty incredible. I got to McDonald’s just as a busload of mullet-bearing kids were leaving, so my fries were super fresh. The sandwich from Zaxby’s could have been the best fast food chicken sandwich if it only had some lettuce and tomato.

Eventually the girls came over so Autumn could get her car back and drop off the Montego. Eaddie was in a mood, and Autumn was painfully dehydrated. They didn’t stick around long. I got my new grill mostly unboxed, but I think the assembly will need a little more open space than I had available at the time, so I ended up leaving it to watch some YouTube videos on the assembly and mods. That turned into science videos, and ended with Tesla mods before bed.

You’ve got to be yoking.

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