Impromptumus Prime

I slept really well last night, but that meant I really didn’t want to get out of bed. I was a couple minutes late, but spent the first several minutes just untangling mice anyway. I thought I would spend the first part of my morning closing things out at Oakland, but I kept getting dragged into other things that nearly ate up the entire first half of my day. I did eventually get over to my building, but ended up having to go back after lunch anyway.

Several of us went to Quiznos, where we ran into Heather and who was apparently her newest baby daddy. I thought she was married to some white hillbilly kid, so I assumed this was a new guy today. If I had known he was the crazy one, I totally would have antagonized her. Instead, we all just said a quick hello and continued through the ridiculously long line.

After lunch, I got some more random things done, including going back to Oakland. I just kept feeling super distracted, but thankfully Jacob has been diving right into anything we’ve given him access to. I ended up leaving work on time, but just went straight home to start some laundry.

I spent some more money on grill parts so I can put it together and get it out of the garage. My delivery date was moved back again, so there’s really no time to waste in cleaning out the garage. I ended up staying home for the evening, and just fought off mosquitos until bedtime.

Time to put those points to use!

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