TV Is Not a Roman Numeral

I slept really hard, straight through the night again last night, and then woke up about five minutes before my alarm. I was feeling some Margaritaville, so I found a playlist of that name that gave me a weird mix of some classics and some more modern country. I thought Greg might say something, but he never did. In fact, he ended up leaving for a while. I mostly had the morning to myself, and dug into Cognos again so I could automate some data.

Nobody came around for lunch, so I just sat at my desk for a while until I decided to run through Sonic for some 99-cent cheese sticks. I thought the girls might want some, but they were both gone when I got back. I gave a couple orders to Greg though, and he was super excited about it.

Zach scheduled Brody, Josh, and Jacob to help me move two older touch panels at Oakland, and then hang two new ones in the old rooms, as well as replace an old SMART board with another new touch panel. We knew it was going to be an annoying job, but we didn’t realize how annoying. Every single room gave us issues, and Zach ended up sending Greg to help.

The first room should have been an easy SMART board swap, but they used half-width cinderblocks that were too thin to allow toggle bolts to expand. The next two rooms had every-other column of the block wall filled with cement, so we couldn’t get toggles into the brick. The two new small rooms had their own issues. The wall between then was really thin, so Brody blew out the back side of the cinderblock in one room. Then the last room was a mount on drywall. Greg ended up just mounting it to two studs with a couple of bolts we had to tighten with an actual wrench.

Greg, Brody, and I worked a little late to finish up, but we got it all done aside from the wiring. That would end up being a problem for Future Me. I headed home to get the wall charger that had just been delivered, then changed to head up to Summer’s pretty immediately. She had been running around with the kids most of the day, since Autumn had her heart checked and Eaddie needed to see someone about the blisters she got from the bugs. While home, she made a corned beef for dinner that the three of us slurped right up.

Autumn was out doing something, followed by some tutoring with Jennifer at the city mall. She came home in good spirits though, and it was overall a really quiet night. I’ve constantly felt like I’ve just been juggling a ton of different things at once, and I think it’s just the time of year. Starting school is always crazy, but it just usually seems more crazy before school actually starts.

It’s happening…!

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