Sheesh Hulk

I woke up around two or three in the morning and couldn’t go back to sleep for hours. I barely felt like I dozed off at all, but somehow I wasn’t completely dead when I got to work. We had a pretty short meeting over nothing, and then I headed over to Oakland to hook up the couple of touch panels that we didn’t finish yesterday.

Lunch time eventually came around, and nobody could decide where to go. I think Brody actually had Gary and Greg talked into CiCi’s, but Zach was a hard pass. We ended up going to La Chiquita and had pretty good service for once. It’s normally not awful, but our server was just really attentive today. The salsa wasn’t very good, but the burrito I had was fair.

I spent most of the afternoon staring at Cognos, trying to figure out how to get the data I needed out of a report. I texted Ben for a bit, and then talked to Kayla since she had a fair amount of experience. In the end, I found some documentation, but it still wasn’t really what I needed.

I left work a little late and went home to get ready for the weekend. I decided to stay home to try and get some better sleep, since we’d have to leave an hour earlier than I normally get up for work. I did manage to squeeze in the first episode of She Hulk, which wasn’t awful, but was basically just every teaser trailer they’ve released. I’ll be interested to see if it gets good, but so far it kind of feels like filler. Nothing has touched how good Loki was.

Bye bye money!

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