That’s a Big “If”

I sprung a leak on a blood blister this morning that I thought would never quit bleeding out, so I was really late getting in to work. I started the day at Oakland to take care of some work orders that had been accumulating, and then rode on in to the office. It was pretty quiet since I spent most of the morning away from my office and nobody had a chance yet to come to me with anything.

I rode to Taco John’s to meet the others for lunch, and had too many potatoes. I always think a medium isn’t enough, but then feel too full with a large. Since I rode alone, I stopped back by Oakland on the way back to the office and found that I didn’t have the cable I needed to finish something. I got sidetracked by the PowerShell Istation stuff before I made it back, but I had a clever thought for an if statement that ended up turning a dozen lines of code into just a couple.

I left even later than I started because I wanted to make sure Istation would be fully functional for the next day. Then I ran home to change before heading straight up to Summer’s for dinner. She had forgotten the kids had marching band practice until pretty late, so instead of making her pasta, we went to Mulan’s for dinner.

After we ate, I took her to my house to help me clean up the packaging from my new grill so I could once again move off of the beaten path in my garage. I’ve got so much work to do before I can even begin to look at installing a charging solution, and as usual I’m having trouble deciding where to start.

We made it back to the house just before the girls got home, and then it was a quiet night until bedtime. My head cold finally developed into a cough primarily from a tickled throat, so I’ve only got about a month left of feeling like this.

Sniiiiiiiiiffffffff, HACK!

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