We Don’t Care About the Kids

I was already on my way in to the office before I decided to divert off to Oakland to tell Mollie happy birthday. Things have quieted down a lot since the start of school, which honestly seems kind of early. I didn’t stay long since I didn’t have any work there, but more came in later.

It was quiet in the office, but Tammy asked me to watch the phones while she and Thomas had a little training meeting. It wasn’t much later that I got a call from Cheslea, Danielle, and Elizabeth, freaking out about some Chromebooks that weren’t working for the testing they were trying to administer. I shared a brilliant plan to just borrow some from the library, and I never heard from them again.

Lunch time came up super fast, and we actually left late. I rode alone since I had to go to the high school afterward. Melissa was ahead of me at Quiznos, so I talked to her for a second before ordering. Gary, Zach, and Thomas showed up right behind me and we ate, and then I left early to make it to the high school.

Autumn invited me to come talk to her education technology class, so I came in early to talk to Matt a bit before the kids came in. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and evidently he really wasn’t either. It was a good conversation with everyone though, and I had some fun. I think I probably came off a bit more like a rant than I really wanted, but I also wasn’t surprised. I was a little surprised by how many questions there were about my job specifically though, since the class seems to be more focused around how to use technology as a teacher.

I saw Eaddie in the hall on my way out, and she had me stop to say hello to her friend. Then I went to Oakland to take care of the few things that had popped up since the morning. There, I got to chat with Danielle and Elizabeth for a bit as they were finishing up their day. Then it was back to the shop to ride out the remainder of the afternoon.

After work, I went to Walgreens to pick up some contact solution that I ordered online at a discount. Then I stopped by to chat with Grant and a prospective new employee named Kyler. I didn’t stick around too long, but Grant gave me the remnants of some other brand of rub to try. Then I went by to see Dad for just a moment before I learned that the girls were about done with school and wanted food.

I ran home to change, and then met the girls at CiCi’s for dinner. They had been bickering a bit before I got there, but had settled down by then. We ate, and then Eaddie just kept wanting to lay down on the table, so I let Autumn take them on home while I finished up. It was quiet when I got to the house, and we waited for Summer to get home late. Autumn came out first and wanted to “tell her side of the story,” but then got upset when we called her out for exactly the same thing we always have to point out to her. Then after she went to bed, Eaddie came out and vented to us about exactly the same things we’ve had to deal with for years. And with that, everyone was off to bed.

Dry and loose!

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