Con Man

I sent Thomas a screenshot of the Arkansas Conference of Technology pre-conference schedule this morning with the Michael Myers Network+ boot camp circled by a big, red heart, and Greg’s and my name at the top and bottom. Apparently that got the conversation started, and after lunch, Gary had us register ourselves to go. Otherwise it was a really slow, really uneventful day. I finally closed out a single work order from the start of the year, because a Chrome extension was causing Google Docs to print an extra, blank page.

Gary, Zach, and I met Brody at Wendy’s for lunch in the middle of all that, and then Anthony and Tyler sat with us when they came in later. The afternoon was even quieter, and Zach came in to kill some time with me again. After work, I went home for a little while and waited for Summer to get home and finish up at the gym. Ben called, and we chatted at length about the conference, work, and more.

When Summer finished her workout, she picked up some Little Caesar’s and I met her at Shell to use my 30 cents per gallon discount. Unfortunately their system was down, so I didn’t even get my usual 5 cent discount. I put in five bucks to get by, and then we headed up to her house where the girls were waiting for dinner.

We all ate standing up in the kitchen, and then Eaddie brought an essay to the table and wrote it next to me while I tried to complete a challenge in Into the Breach. Hopefully her paper will do better than I did, because I failed, again. Summer made it to bed late, so I didn’t realize what time it had gotten to be. My cough came back pretty hard, so I went to bed miserably, hoping to get some sleep.

What am I even coughing up any more?

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