Mocha Choca-lata Ya Ya

The shop was a ghost town today, but you wouldn’t hear any complaints. Greg was out, which meant I got to make some good coffee for a change. I had a few things to take care of, but it was just dull enough that I don’t really remember what I did for most of the day.

Gary wanted McAlister’s for lunch, so when Brody came to the shop, he took the three of us. He had never been, and somehow he had the best looking food at the table. I still didn’t think it was a $12 sandwich, but it beat my $12 potato. It didn’t even have any of the toppings it was supposed to have, so it was even worse than it possibly could have been.

I finished up my CPPC minutes email in the afternoon and prepared to send it at the end of the day. Then I spent some time at Oakland until the kids dismissed. Back at the shop, I tried to save the last half of my coffee, but Tammy threw it out before I got to it.

I went home just long enough to assemble my new Squatty Potty, then went on up to Summer’s to steam some rice and throw some cabbage into the corned beef she started in the morning. Eaddie was in a great mood and spent the entire time in the living room playing things on her flute. I didn’t see Autumn until Summer got home and called her out for dinner.

After we ate, Eaddie wanted to coat the cake pops she baked last night in some chocolate, so I helped melt that and poked holes in a box for her to let them harden up. I still don’t think they really did it right, but they tasted good enough.

From there, the girls all went to bed. I stayed up too long just poking around, so hopefully sleep won’t be too troublesome tonight.

Bed, I say.

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