CBD Nuggets

There wasn’t much going on today, so I spent several hours watching Network+ training videos on CBT Nuggets. I was really pleased with the guy that was doing those videos, because he wasn’t terribly dry to sit and listen to for long periods of time. The videos themselves were broken up into relatively short topics, which at least made me feel like I was making progress. Whether or not I’m retaining any of the important stuff remains to be seen.

Gary, Thomas, and I were the only three to go to Taco Tuesday, and the tacos were pretty sad. The hot sauce changed and was less thick, but spicier out of the packet, but the tacos were stale and thin. We didn’t stick around too long, because they had another interview right after lunch. When we got back, I packed up and went to Oakland for a couple hours.

The end of the day came and went quietly, just as the rest of the day. I felt a sprinkle or two, but never saw any heavier rain. I rode straight to my parents’ house and caught Dad blowing leaves in the driveway. We stood outside for about an hour, talking until Mom got home from work. Then we went inside to pick at leftovers.

I noticed that the Sulphur Springs Truck Patch was going to be at a farmer’s market downtown, which I didn’t even realize was a thing, so after we ate, I rode to the train depot to see if Bryan would be out there peddling flowers. They were tearing down for the evening, but he had one more bouquet left unsold, so we chatted for a moment before I stuffed them into my backpack and ran home to get the key to the Murano.

Summer was meeting with the ATCC kids, so she was there late while the girls were at marching practice. I stuck the flowers in the car and luckily had some leftover water for them in my travel mug. Then I headed on home to poke around under my leaky sink. I didn’t feel like digging too deep into anything and then quitting halfway through, so I actually didn’t get much of anything accomplished. I thought Summer might come over, but instead she and Eaddie just sat around confused about how flowers ended up in the car. I had to remind her of how many times I’d brought her flowers, and she suddenly remembered how nice I am.

I wrapped up the evening as quickly as I could, just tired from running around all day. Hopefully tomorrow will afford me some more time to study for my Net+ so I won’t be completely lost in Mike Meyers’s training class at ACOT next week.

It’s Homestead Runner!

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