Blown Away

I remember Eaddie bursting loudly into the bedroom last night to try and find the TV remote and batteries. I was pretty startled, but made it back to sleep. I didn’t stress getting out the door, but made it home to shower and pack. While in the bathroom, I noticed some little bug had burrowed into my windowsill and left a little mound similar to a crawdad. I sprayed some bug spray on the hole, but wasn’t sure it would do anything.

I picked Summer up around 8:30 and made our way to my parents’ house. They were ready to go and already had the car out of the garage, so we parked Summer’s Montego inside for what was probably its first overnight stay ever.

The drive went by really quickly for me because I wasn’t having to drive. I played Into the Breach for a good portion of the trip. Summer dozed in and out periodically. We stopped at a McDonald’s for lunch around Fayetteville, and then continued straight through to Kansas City. I decided at the last minute that we should stop by the dealership to try and find my car while it was dry out, so we made another pit stop at another McDonald’s on the corner before making our way to the service center.

They had my car right up front in the corner of the lot, so I was able to verify the VIN really quickly. I was a little surprised it was so easy to find. Everyone got out into the gusty wind for pictures and to inspect every inch of the car, and I was surprised at how good everything seemed to look on the outside. I won’t get to check out the inside until they open tomorrow, but the panels all seemed to be aligned really well on the outside. There were a couple extremely minor adjustments that I wanted to have them investigate, but otherwise it looked ready to go.

After that, we continued on to the Holiday Inn Express to unpack everything. Everyone got cleaned up, and we made our way across town to walk through IKEA. Mom kept wandering off in circles through the showroom, and it was neat to see all of the different designs they had. She was mostly concerned about finding a dining room table, and found a neat adjustable one that had a stowable leaf insert.

We had dinner at the restaurant, and Mom wasn’t super impressed by the Swedish meatballs. I thought they were good, but I get that it’s more of a tradition than something I look forward to for the flavor. Getting lost, finding the lighted path, and eating cafeteria food is all just kind of the experience.

By the time we made it out of that enormous cube of a maze, everyone else was too tired to do anything else. We made it back to the hotel and everyone went to bed. I stayed up for a bit and plotted a course home. I guess if everyone gets to sleep early, we’ll have a better chance of leaving early to do something else in the city before we leave.

Hello. You are Tres.

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